Matt Lawrence and Martin McKinney first crossed paths back in the early 90’s at university, while studying for a BA degree in Product Design.   

“What we both didn’t realise at the time, was that aside from a shared interest in design, we also had an interest in an “alien” art form that was all the rage in the UK at the time… crop circles!

Hampshire - 1999
Over the following years, we teamed up and spent many nights stomping around in corn fields, creating land art that many thought, 
and still to this day think, was beyond the capabilities of mischievous creative humans.

We’ve made designs in everything from crops, to sand, and even painting on the landscape.

This website details many of our past land art projects… ( well the ones we can tell you about ;-) 
encompassing both passion projects and commissioned work.

Some limited edition prints of our work are currently for sale via  and we may well be offering additional merchandise via this website in the future. Stay tuned!

Hampshire - 2001
If you are interested in having a piece of land art made for whatever reason we can help! Further info on the commissions link or please use the contact form to get in touch!  


Matt & Martin”
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